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Laguna Thai Massage

About Us

Seeking a fulfilling spa treatment?

Laguna Thai Massage & Day Spa may be a perfect solution for you.

  Laguna Thai Massage & Day Spa has first operated in the name of Toscana Day Spa in Downtown Laguna Beach, which we have offered Massage therapies with warm and friendly atmosphere in our modern cozy style room. In year 2012, Under new management in our luxury warm cozy style spa now is more Modern Thai Style but still under the concept of warm welcome and friendly atmosphere under the name of Laguna Thai Massage & Day Spa. At Laguna Thai Massage & Day Spa, we have offered more variety services for the customer such as Massage therapies, Spa treatments, Body Detox and Waxing services.

  Among the most important things in selecting a spa is the combination of an excellent treatment and a good atmosphere.



At Laguna Thai, all our basic elements are put together for a good blend. You will feel a sense of tranquility hardly found in the fast-running city. The atmosphere is a mixture of oriental Thai style with a touch of modern contemporary look. Soft scent of lemongrass fills the air. Within the first few seconds you suddenly find your self in a new world completely different from what you just left outside. At our fine Spa, you can experience the rejuvenation of the Thai tradition of herbal treatments and aromatherapy massage. Our masseuses can blend both techniques together in one session for maximum results. At Laguna Thai, we aim at you total satisfaction giving you complete relaxation and pleasure.


Once you step through out door, you will immediately feel our great hospitality. With our friendly menu, you will be able to find easily and exactly a treatment that is perfect for you. Should you prefer, our staff will assist you in your selection, making sure you get the right kind of service that answers you every need.


We cordially invite you to our cozy spa. A session with us will make you feel brand new. It will open all your energy channels allowing your system to circulate freely. Your body and mind will come back to balance again...

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